People spent a substantial amount of time in their life looking for money. However, it is important to note that there are several things that money cannot buy. You can buy your essay online to have an elaboration of this topic.


Love is a complex thing in a person life that can only be understood by the person that it affects. It is a feeling that comes from the heart and, therefore, a person cannot use the money to buy it. You can buy an essay from online writing companies to get an insight into the manner in which money cannot buy time.


Time is a precious factor that is considered to be a constant factor of production and cannot be bought with money. An example is the case of school work whereby students find themselves overwhelmed by assignment hence unable to complete them on time. As a student you can decide to buy an essay to lessen the burden of assignment at However, this does not mean that you have purchased time. Time will still keep on moving.


Health is a characteristic of the body that cannot be bought with money because when it’s time to die, then no amount of money can cause someone to evade an illness that was made to take a person’s life. However, there are several things that people can do to promote good health. An example is deciding to buy an essay regarding a particular illness and the manner in which it can be controlled.

True friends

In most cases in life, people associate with one another in relation to the amount of money that they have. It is rare to find the rich associating with the poor. However, most of such friends are fake and associate with other people for the sake of maintaining some class in life. Given the fact that they did not have money, then they could not be having such friends. This means that money cannot buy true friends but with money, you can have fake friends. As well, students can be friends because they want to buy an essay from one another instead of having a true friendship.

Concisely, various authors argue out that money can buy the above things indirectly. To get more information regarding this topic, it is advisable to buy an essay writing service and hire a professional who will provide more information. The services of such companies are trustworthy and you can buy an essay without plagiarism to get original ideas. However, if people were able to buy time, then there would be a lot of difference in the manner in which people do things. There would be no hurry in completing activities because extra time can also be bought with money.